life is wonderful. not because it has lots of surprises. but because we are patterned uniquely, configured in such a way that allows us to stretch beyond our horizon and designed in a masterpiece meant to outshine amongst others.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreams and Ambitions

What is the difference between a dream and ambition? I say, a DREAM is vision, a sight, a thing you want to grasp. And ambitions are goals, aspirations, and desires with a specific purpose. They differ in a very precise way, but they are the same in one specific way, they can both emerge from same person.

Once upon a time, I dreamt of being a very successful and renowned chef, but instead, I turned out being a noble nurse. It wasn’t my dream, but it had been my goal I achieved for my mother. However in the end, it was still my choice to choose my ambition over my dream. But there is one important thing I realized out of that dream vs ambition dilemma, that is, what I always dreamt was never really what I needed and wanted after all. And I believe that what I have and what I am right now is the result of my decisions, not from making the wrong one, but choosing over an uncertain thing which made me who I am.

In the long run, I keep honing other dreams and ambitions. Aside from being a nurse, I want to explore the other side of me which has its own capabilities that will put me into the right place and right opportunity. It is like saying I don’t limit myself to what I can do, and I can use these other skills and strengths that have always been in me to dream the biggest to my life and career.

Anyway, i have always believed that this is what life always wants us to be, to be the best in everything we choose to be, without limiting to what we are supposed to do, but to develop the other part of a wonderful you to be the best of what you can be.

Every dream can become one’s ambition once action is put into it, when we do something to work on that dream. But not every ambition was once a dream. As human, we were given the privilege to dream big, aspire bigger and hope the biggest. We were given so many chances and opportunities to make every dream and ambitions come true.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

little things can mean a lot to someone.

its nice to do simple things for others, even the littlest help you offered can be a big favor you ever did for them. and its a great feeling. its more than touching people's life. it's more than the gratitude you get out of their simple "thank you". it is the feeling of love. that even though you been so tired and exhausted, a wonderful feeling of self fulfillment is felt out of doing something good for others. and that is the driving force of commitment.

like in whatever you do.. it is really important that you find the joy and fulfillment to be able to feel real love and passion for your work. compassion is just a part of it, because the real thing goes to the real joy you felt out of doing a thing.

as they always say, you can never truly share the vibrant of your love nor can you magnify the joy you felt to others if you never felt it first within yourself.

loving what you do, loving what you want, show commitment and passion. then everything else follows, enjoyment and happiness... you'll find that no matter how tough, hard, tiring and exhausting it is to be a nurse, at the end of the day, the little things you did for your patients can be the greatest favor you have shared to them that they needed from someone like you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Thoughts and Feelings: the nursing profession

My Thoughts and Feelings: the nursing profession: "What is so risky about being a nurse is the whole job itself. what we do is never easy.every action we do will always put us to the thin lin..."

the nursing profession

What is so risky about being a nurse is the whole job itself. what we do is never easy.every action we do will always put us to the thin line of right job or fatal mistake. because we deal with life, we are liable for gross mistakes. and our health puts us to a lot of risk...

nursing is a job of compassion. more than being caring, we put compassion in what we do, that is, we love, we give our best, and we share ourselves to what we do. this gives us fulfillment. every "thank you" from our patients gives us payback to the load of works we do. the smile and simple act of gratitude we get is enough to lift our spirits in return of our job-well-done. the fact that our simple interventions had helped them makes us feel relieved and fulfilled than more than money can repay.

being a nurse gives us humane fulfillment. a fulfillment different from the satisfaction we get from a salary or a praise of a "nice job" or "an outstanding nurse". being a nurse has put us into so much danger and risk, but yet, more or less, being a nurse give us the privilege to touch human lives in a way that will give them so much memory to remember us, the one who cared to them when they were sick.

i am a nurse. and im extraordinarily so proud and honored to be one.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Now that I’m growing older and more mature, I felt a change of heart. Being broader in thoughts and in actions make me want to routinely keep in mind that I needed to act mature enough to be responsible for what I say, what I do, and most importantly, on what I decide and choose. This mindset has offered me a lot of opportunities for a twist of decision making strategy. I feel it; that I’m growing, from the physical aspects, up to the totality of my personality. Realizations set me to be firm and yesterday have thought me lessons from the way I used to be.

There are realizations. Like I realized, what I wanted before was not the same things I have longed for now. I realized that being young, makes me feel like there is no one better than what I have before. I realized that I was young, immature, careless, desperate, and undecided. I realized that what I have chosen before was not the right one but it is exactly what I needed to be what I am now. But then, I also realized that between the choices I had before, none was the right one and so I shouldn’t have chosen any in the first place but I had. Yet, there is no regret. All are part of the process. All things that happened to me are part of my realization. A realization from the person God has planned me be.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

my first time

just started with this one. amazing.. so is my life right now..

my first blog post is all about... hmmm.. i cant think of a better post than just being excited about it. i don't know.. i guess its because ang tagal ko na gustong magkablog, but then, i dont know how.. and thanks to my sweetfriend flor, she helped me with this.. she showed me how. i'm so illiterate sa computer, sad to say.

i hope i would be readily available to keep this updated all the time.