life is wonderful. not because it has lots of surprises. but because we are patterned uniquely, configured in such a way that allows us to stretch beyond our horizon and designed in a masterpiece meant to outshine amongst others.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

little things can mean a lot to someone.

its nice to do simple things for others, even the littlest help you offered can be a big favor you ever did for them. and its a great feeling. its more than touching people's life. it's more than the gratitude you get out of their simple "thank you". it is the feeling of love. that even though you been so tired and exhausted, a wonderful feeling of self fulfillment is felt out of doing something good for others. and that is the driving force of commitment.

like in whatever you do.. it is really important that you find the joy and fulfillment to be able to feel real love and passion for your work. compassion is just a part of it, because the real thing goes to the real joy you felt out of doing a thing.

as they always say, you can never truly share the vibrant of your love nor can you magnify the joy you felt to others if you never felt it first within yourself.

loving what you do, loving what you want, show commitment and passion. then everything else follows, enjoyment and happiness... you'll find that no matter how tough, hard, tiring and exhausting it is to be a nurse, at the end of the day, the little things you did for your patients can be the greatest favor you have shared to them that they needed from someone like you.

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