life is wonderful. not because it has lots of surprises. but because we are patterned uniquely, configured in such a way that allows us to stretch beyond our horizon and designed in a masterpiece meant to outshine amongst others.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreams and Ambitions

What is the difference between a dream and ambition? I say, a DREAM is vision, a sight, a thing you want to grasp. And ambitions are goals, aspirations, and desires with a specific purpose. They differ in a very precise way, but they are the same in one specific way, they can both emerge from same person.

Once upon a time, I dreamt of being a very successful and renowned chef, but instead, I turned out being a noble nurse. It wasn’t my dream, but it had been my goal I achieved for my mother. However in the end, it was still my choice to choose my ambition over my dream. But there is one important thing I realized out of that dream vs ambition dilemma, that is, what I always dreamt was never really what I needed and wanted after all. And I believe that what I have and what I am right now is the result of my decisions, not from making the wrong one, but choosing over an uncertain thing which made me who I am.

In the long run, I keep honing other dreams and ambitions. Aside from being a nurse, I want to explore the other side of me which has its own capabilities that will put me into the right place and right opportunity. It is like saying I don’t limit myself to what I can do, and I can use these other skills and strengths that have always been in me to dream the biggest to my life and career.

Anyway, i have always believed that this is what life always wants us to be, to be the best in everything we choose to be, without limiting to what we are supposed to do, but to develop the other part of a wonderful you to be the best of what you can be.

Every dream can become one’s ambition once action is put into it, when we do something to work on that dream. But not every ambition was once a dream. As human, we were given the privilege to dream big, aspire bigger and hope the biggest. We were given so many chances and opportunities to make every dream and ambitions come true.

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