life is wonderful. not because it has lots of surprises. but because we are patterned uniquely, configured in such a way that allows us to stretch beyond our horizon and designed in a masterpiece meant to outshine amongst others.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the nursing profession

What is so risky about being a nurse is the whole job itself. what we do is never easy.every action we do will always put us to the thin line of right job or fatal mistake. because we deal with life, we are liable for gross mistakes. and our health puts us to a lot of risk...

nursing is a job of compassion. more than being caring, we put compassion in what we do, that is, we love, we give our best, and we share ourselves to what we do. this gives us fulfillment. every "thank you" from our patients gives us payback to the load of works we do. the smile and simple act of gratitude we get is enough to lift our spirits in return of our job-well-done. the fact that our simple interventions had helped them makes us feel relieved and fulfilled than more than money can repay.

being a nurse gives us humane fulfillment. a fulfillment different from the satisfaction we get from a salary or a praise of a "nice job" or "an outstanding nurse". being a nurse has put us into so much danger and risk, but yet, more or less, being a nurse give us the privilege to touch human lives in a way that will give them so much memory to remember us, the one who cared to them when they were sick.

i am a nurse. and im extraordinarily so proud and honored to be one.

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