life is wonderful. not because it has lots of surprises. but because we are patterned uniquely, configured in such a way that allows us to stretch beyond our horizon and designed in a masterpiece meant to outshine amongst others.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Now that I’m growing older and more mature, I felt a change of heart. Being broader in thoughts and in actions make me want to routinely keep in mind that I needed to act mature enough to be responsible for what I say, what I do, and most importantly, on what I decide and choose. This mindset has offered me a lot of opportunities for a twist of decision making strategy. I feel it; that I’m growing, from the physical aspects, up to the totality of my personality. Realizations set me to be firm and yesterday have thought me lessons from the way I used to be.

There are realizations. Like I realized, what I wanted before was not the same things I have longed for now. I realized that being young, makes me feel like there is no one better than what I have before. I realized that I was young, immature, careless, desperate, and undecided. I realized that what I have chosen before was not the right one but it is exactly what I needed to be what I am now. But then, I also realized that between the choices I had before, none was the right one and so I shouldn’t have chosen any in the first place but I had. Yet, there is no regret. All are part of the process. All things that happened to me are part of my realization. A realization from the person God has planned me be.

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